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2021-23 Safer Recruiting Policy

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Helensburgh Lawn Tennis Club Safer Recruitment Policy

All children should be able to play tennis in a safe and enjoyable environment. This relies on the good practice of adults, on court and off. Bad practice and abuse from a minority of people can undermine the efforts of others. The best way to deal with bad practice and abuse is to prevent it from happening. One important way to do this is to follow safe recruitment practice before new employees, volunteers and contractors gain access to tennis venues and events.

Anyone who will be in a position of authority over children or other vulnerable people should be recruited with care. This includes volunteers, employees and contractors. Coaches, officials, assistants, committee members, tournament organisers and many others may be included. If someone is going to have substantial contact with children, you must be thorough. This also applies to senior committee members and other club officials who have responsibility for overseeing and managing activities involving children or young people.

Unfortunately, serious abuse is often committed by adults who are known and trusted in their community. This means that you should follow good procedures in every single case. Do not be suspicious of the people around you, but be thorough enough to meet your responsibilities. This document sets out 5 important steps that you should consider. The LTA produces detailed guidance on many of the issues discussed here, available at www.lta.org.uk/about-the-lta/policies-and-rules/safeguardingprotection/, or by contacting the Safeguarding Team directly.

Helensburgh Lawn Tennis Club Five Steps to Safer Recruitment:

1. Background and History

We will make sure we have seen a full CV or work history for employees & volunteers. We will ask about any gaps or inconsistencies.

2. References

We will ask for the names of two referees and follow these up. Both referees should be people who have known the candidate in a professional capacity for a substantial period of time (at least 3 years). We will ask them to comment on the candidate’s suitability to work with children and vulnerable people, and about the quality of their work. We will also ask if they ever had reason to take disciplinary action against the candidate.

3. PVG Disclosure or Criminal Records Bureau


  1. H.L.T.C. will always insist that a current (< 1 year) PVG or CRB disclosure is submitted before anyone including helpers aged 16+ works with children or vulnerable adults. We will also check the status of the disclosure with the LTA


4. Roles and Responsibilities

H.L.T.C. will make sure that roles and responsibilities are absolutely clear. Even for volunteers, there will be a clear ‘line manager’ who takes responsibility for supporting and overseeing the role. There will also be clear expectations around conduct.

5. Inductions

H.L.T.C. will make sure that all new starters are given a proper induction. This will include information on the standards expected of those working with children, and on the arrangements in place at the club for ensuring the welfare of children and young people. A copy of the H.L.T.C. Safeguarding Policy and contact details for relevant Welfare Officers and agencies will be passed as part of the induction.

6. If a Concern is Raised

If we feel that someone is not suitable to hold a particular position we may contact the Welfare Officer at our county LTA, or by contact the LTA Safeguarding Team for advice

Approved Sept 2021, to be reviewed Sept 2023

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