Wednesday, 21 July 2021 11:51

Club Night here we come!

Written by Frankie Hanmer

GREAT NEWS! Any member of the club can now be free to jaunt down to the club on either a Wednesday evening at 7pm or a Saturday morning at 9.30am, and meet other members and join in playing whoever turns up.

People have been meeting informally but now, officially, we are ALLOWED. There must still be social-distancing and no socialising (yet).

A small group have continually met every Wednesday. for a long while (when allowed), and a group has met on Saturday mornings too — it is the best fun there is.

This might suit you if you are 

  1. a) new to the club and do not yet know people to play with
  2. b) working full-time and cannot play during the daytime.
  3. c) wanting to play with different people .....  and have some fun.
  4. d) wanting to practice what you learned at coaching.

The Club Guidelines state that every member is welcome at Club Night, regardless of tennis experience or standard.

Players are encouraged to swap around to other partners during the evening so there is mixing together and interest is maintained. We can learn from each other (well, not me!)

There are fast whackers-of-the-balls and there are ones like me who, after 20 years, still hit 80% of balls out or into the net.  

If you should find yourself opposite a man called Raymond, you might like to don the club's armour first, or stand back against the fence. 

However, others will hit the ball out so often you might not hit it for 5 minutes!  

Why not drop by and play? We will be there tonight (July 21). Enjoy this beautiful weather, the glorious light evenings and the club's superb courts.