Sunday, 15 March 2009 16:29

Club Bye-Laws

Written by Donald Fullarton

1. In playing the game, the club adopts, and the matches and tournaments on its grounds shall be governed by, the Rules and Regulations of Tennis Scotland.

2. Players must play in lawn tennis shoes without heels (not training shoes). Recognised tennis clothing must be worn.

3. No member shall be allowed to play more than one set, or one token hour in floodlight conditions, while other members are waiting their turn; those first arriving to have precedence.

4. If members are waiting, the short set or one token hour in floodlight conditions, is to be played. No singles shall be played when others are waiting, except during a recognised Club Tournament.

5. Any three members of the Executive Committee shall have the power to close any court whenever they consider it necessary.

6. No play shall be permitted on the courts before 9am or after 10pm unless otherwise sanctioned by the Executive Committee.

7. Mini-Tennis members (4 to 8 years-old) are permitted to play on the main courts until 5.30pm during weekdays and 6pm at weekends, but not during match or group coaching times.

8. For rules governing the use of courts and floodlights, and any alterations to these Bye-Laws, please consult the noticeboard.

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